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Can a Fixed Indexed Annuity Provide Guaranteed* Income For Life?

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Is a fixed indexed annuity (FIA) a good fit for you?

An FIA is an insurance product, rather than an investment, and it comes with a degree of safety, being a guaranteed* income source. This is what separates putting money into an FIA from, for example, buying stocks.

Let's discuss further what makes an FIA a potentially integral part of your retirement strategy:

Reasonable Rate of Return?**

There’s a certain number of years (a period known as the accumulation stage) during which the money you’ve put into your FIA will grow, while staying protected by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Although the interest is based on a market index, your initial amount is protected in the event of a stock market decline. Once this phase ends, you can withdraw the money (this is what’s known as the distribution stage) in the form of guaranteed* income.

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FIAs and the Stock Market

FIAs don’t directly invest money in the stock market. Insurance companies instead use an index to calculate the interest rate of your annuity. Over the past 20 years, the FIA rate has averaged 4% to 6% when their index is up. An annuity gets you guaranteed* income protection on top of reasonable rates of return.**

Is an FIA a Good Fit For You?

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Options such as an FIA might be right for you, if you’re concerned about risk and are looking for a reliably safe source of guaranteed* income.

Guaranteed* Income

FIAs come with some key benefits that certain other products and plans don’t. Firstly, an FIA provides guaranteed* income for life. Unlike stock-market-based accounts that can drop in value when the market does, an FIA keeps your principal securely protected. However, it still provides you with guaranteed* income at reasonable interest rates.** This may alleviate the fear of running out of money in retirement. Furthermore, you can choose between several optional benefits, such as selecting an income rider. And, you can choose how and when you want to receive payments: monthly, quarterly, or annually.

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Learn More About Your

Interest Rate

How much you’ll receive in interest on your annuity is dependent on several factors. Interest rates vary based on the product, issuing insurance company, and what optional benefits you select.

Although you may not see the same high rates as money invested directly in the market. However, you do have the opportunity for reasonable gains,** in addition to your money not being at risk like it would if it were invested. It may be a trade-off, but in our opinion, it’s a fair one.

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