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Retire with confidence. Retire well! Do you have questions about your retirement income? You can contact us. We’re always here to help!

Richardson, TX
At Sue Gordon Retirement Strategies

We don't just help retirees. We help you retire well.

There are questions you should ask yourself: Can your current strategy handle a down market? Can it recover from substantial losses? Do you have enough to retire? Will you still have enough in the future, as the cost of living rises?

With these questions in mind, our firm helps you protect your money. We use insurance products designed to keep your principal safe. In summary, we want you to retire well.


What Makes Us Different

Many financial professionals claim to care about their clients’ long-term success. But, how much care do they really express? We believe it’s vitally important to learn all about a client’s situation, needs, and goals in order to recommend the best options for them. Additionally, we keep the connections with clients strong by staying in contact with them. Our three core principles when working with clients are:

Keeping Your Money Safe

As retirement approaches (or arrives,) your tolerance for risk may change. Can your retirement accounts handle a loss if you’re invested in, say, stocks, and the market takes a hit?

And so, protection of principal becomes your main priority. At Sue Gordon Retirement Strategies, we understand the importance of protecting your money, especially after you have retired.

Reasonable Rate of Return**

Do you have to give up earning a reasonable rate of return** in order to protect your money? Short answer: No!

While keeping your money secure is important, so is making sure you don’t run out of it partway through retirement. Your money growing at a reasonable rate** is important in alleviating this fear.

Sue Gordon Retirement Strategies offers products that can provide you with both safety and reasonable rates of return.**

Keep It Simple!

Your decisions about your retirement will impact you for the rest of your life. Have you made all the right decisions to retire well? You might feel anxious and overwhelmed about this question. To this end, we take the time to educate clients. We answer your questions, listen to your needs and goals, and provide straightforward answers. Ultimately, keeping things simple is one of our core principles.

Let's work together to show you how to retire well!

We offer one-on-one meetings, as well as (no-cost) educational seminar events. 

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